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Pump Solution For Land Application Of Solids Residuals

Jun 13, 2017

AllightPrimax (the registered trade mark of AllightSykes in North America) have successfully delivered an SW150D pump powered by a Perkins engine for land application of solids residuals in municipal Wastewater Treatment in the Southeastern US. 

Land application of solids residuals can be a messy business as the treatment process periodically needs to be removed from the site. An acceptable application has been found to be fertilizer for various agricultural and farming operations. Where permitted, the sludge is hauled from the site in 5000-gallon tanker trucks and once on a determined area, it is loaded into spreading equipment and distributed around the location. The lagoons are difficult to maintain as organic material and vegetation grows easily if left undisturbed which can make pumping an arduous task.

The sludge is of course heavier than water, so a robust 6” pump ​is needed and manpower at the remote sites is generally limited to a single truck driver so ease of operation is the key. Additionally, remote start and stop of the unit is sometimes employed due the need to monitor the level in the trucks as well as shutting the pump off to prevent overfilling. 

A pumpset with a shredding action within the volute was a preferred option for this project along with a fully open impeller ​to avoid grass and sticks ​to clog the pump. Automatic self-priming at low speed was part of the requirements due to the low discharge head that is typical with these truck and standpipe configurations. Onboard fuel and automatic priming were imperative ​and low maintenance costs w​​ere desired.

The USA team determined that an SW150 was the ideal pump solution for the project. Furthermore, the addition of optional 50 CFM diaphragm priming allowed the pump to run at low and fuel efficient speeds while maintaining the pump’s ability to prime. The unit was painted black for low profile branding associated with the Sludge Land Application business model. 

The customer needed a unit for a specific project and requested for our highly customized solution to be on site within 5 weeks of the order being placed. 

The SW150D pumpset was successfully delivered during the first week of March, 2017 with our client realising great efficiency as expected: “It’s a ROCK STAR of a pump” – reported the Project Manager.

The prevalence of enclosed impellers in the trash pump industry has lowered the expectations of solids handling for such applications. The Sykes / Primax fully open CP and SW range of solids handling pumps has a renewed performance advantage over common competitors. With the shredding capabilities of the SW pump, a new standard of ​efficiency in pumping raw sewerage and fibrous materials is now available to the market in a cost-effective package.

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Sykes SW150 Diaphragm primed Pumpset
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