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AllightSykes Empowering Farming

May 19, 2017

Loss of power at a milking operation can result in significant financial loss and disruption to the entire production process. To ensure the power continuity that keeps processes moving and coolers running, dairy farms are encouraged to invest in emergency standby back-up diesel power as a paramount element in risk mitigation strategies.

AllightSykes, supported by a local electrical supplier, have helped the neighbouring dairies of Marv Pangborne and Tony Thomas of Rakia in New Zealand, to take the efficient step forward in securing their business through the purchase and installation of a 110kVa (Pic) and 88kVa FG Wilson generators respectively. 

The maximisation of dairy production output is based solidly on refining the ongoing processes and culturing the animals to a detailed routine structure. Therefore regular milking is crucial for both animal welfare and the financial efficiency of the business. If a power outage causes a scheduled milking to be missed, it can be extremely disruptive for both man and animal alike. In addition, spoilage of milk products is a significant financial risk where insurance coverage may not be available or sufficient to cover the full impact to losses. 

As technology advances, the dairy farmer has become more dependent on electricity to simplify the milking process. Furthermore, a number of dairy structures apply milking twice per day utilising rotating groups and rely heavily on computer system records, RFI tagging and GPS to monitor the entire herd and each animal’s productivity, health and farming history. 

AllightSykes is specialised in the supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of FG Wilson diesel power generation systems. We have provided clients with both emergency back up and prime power applications, not only throughout the dairy industry but across the entire farming sector. 

For more information about our complete range of generators solutions, please contact or visit our website at
Proven in the field, this range of generator sets are capable of providing reliable power for critical application

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